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Work can be a huge part of our lives and offer us a personal and fulfilling sense of identity or achievement. At the same time, pressure at work can be very problematic and if incidents or issues are not dealt with, they can be exacerbated and produce trauma in the workplace as a result.

I offer support to deal with various work issues. If you are facing problems in the workplace, I am here to talk through these issues and find a way forward that suits you. As a Equality and Diversity adviser within the work place I am aware of these kinds of problems that are present themselves. I also understand that workplace trauma can affect your performance and state of mind both inside and out of the office. If you identify with any of the work issues below, please feel free to get in touch with me to arrange an initial session or just have a chat about ways I can assist.


Stress or pressure to perform and meet targets
Working away from home or internationally on a regular basis
Living and working abroad
Promotion bringing a feeling of increased pressure and being out of your depth
Bullying, racial or sexual discrimination or sexual harassment from colleagues or your boss
Inappropriate comments or team culture around sex or diversity
Dealing with dyslexia, dyspraxia or any other learning difficulty or disability
Threat of redundancy or restructuring
Being passed over for promotion
Considering a career change
Pressure from family about your choice of career
Structural change or merger/acquisition bringing unwelcome change
Imposition of a new manger or processes
Challenges of maternity/paternity leave or returning to work after children
Balancing work demands and home life or childcare
Being in a sexual relationship with a work colleague or boss