"I was that which others did not want to be.

​I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do.

I asked nothing from those who gave nothing, and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness... should I have failed.

I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear, and yet enjoyed a moment's love when near.

I have felt the pain, and hope within.

I have lived through times others would say, are best forgotten, at  least  for today.

I will be able to say however, that I was proud of what I was a service man not forgotten".

The answer I found was by talking about it.

To someone who understood my language.



Confidential support for Veterans, their families and the families of those currently serving who are suffering with PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, anger and Drug/alcohol addiction.

Support is delivered in the shape of phone, Skype or face to face Counselling.

I offer concessionary fees to all Service personnel and their families.

How do you get from here to here with the scars of war both physical and mental?


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My work with Military personnel, veterans and families of the Armed Forces is very precious to me, having served for 25 years in the British Army. I know full well the scars and pain, that are sometimes left by time spent in the military both at home in the UK and on Deployment around the world protecting others. These are not always visible, leaving you to suffer in silence, not realising that help is at hand in the shape of counselling support.

If you have concerns that you or a relative are struggling with the symptoms of PTSD do not be too proud, or ashamed to get help, PTSD is a mental health disorder that can be worked through with a positive outcome and counselling may be beneficial.

I am living proof!