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People coming to Vale Therapy for bereavement counselling often say that they are struggling to come to terms with their grief. It can be hard to deal with the powerful feelings that come after being bereaved:

Overwhelming sadness and loss
Difficulty in accepting that the loved one has actually gone
Sense of injustice or unfairness
Fear for the future
Sometimes some relief (perhaps after illness or relationship difficulties).

Sometimes relationship counselling involves dealing with the death of a loved one. It can be a major life challenge to adapt to the death of a spouse or death of your partner.

It is very common to seek help after losing someone close to you. Being bereaved can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences in life.

I can help you map your feelings and see how you are travelling through the common stages of dealing with loss:
Loss and sadness
Anger and resentment
Exploration of next steps
Commitment to moving on with life

Just by coming to bereavement counselling can give you space to process what is happening for you. The advantage of speaking to a therapists is that they are an impartial professional, focusing on supporting you. This can be a very different and more helpful experience than talking to friends and family – who are well-meaning, but can often have their own opinions and agenda.