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Addictive or compulsive behaviour can be thought of as anything that you repeatedly feel compelled to do, even though you realise it can have a negative impact or be self-destructive. I am here to help you work through these patterns of behaviour and by lending a supportive ear, and finding a way for you to understand and deal with them. If you feel you are caught in self-defeating patterns of behavior, I am helping you deal with the following:

Sex addiction
Porn addiction
Alcohol addiction
Drug addiction
Shopping addiction
Gambling addiction
Work addiction
Love addiction

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 so that I can arrange an initial session for you to discuss what is on your mind


I take the view that individuals involved in these patterns will be getting something out of the addiction, meeting their needs in some way. It is important to recognise this and the benefit that the compulsive behaviour can bring. Addiction counselling can help uncover these underlying motivations and identify the unmet emotional needs that are often behind addictive strategies. The kind of issues that surface around addiction can be seeking love and approval, overcoming childhood abuse, dealing with boredom in everyday life, numbing the pain of rejection or loss – or anything else that would otherwise be difficult to deal with.

I have expertise in working with people who show compulsive self-destructive patterns of behaviour, facilitating you in finding meaning as a way out of these patterns, in order to find your authentic self, allowing you to live free from addiction and compulsion.

Once you have set up an initial session, I can see if further sessions would be helpful, and perhaps recommend a programme tailored to your needs, which may include sessions with me at Vale Therapy or a combination of other approaches including:

Individual therapy sessions
Group work
Personal development workshops
Support from other healthcare professionals or residential rehab